Company Profile

Owner’s Introduction

焼とりの八兵衛店主 八島且典


Katsunori Yashima was born in July 1961 in Itoshima, Fukuoka. He is the third generation owner of Niku no Yashima, and owner of Yakitori Hachibei.

Based on the second generation owner’s idea, he decided to open a yakitori restaurant that used meat from his father’s meat shop. In 1983, he opened Yakitori Hachibei in Maebaru in Itoshima City.

Hakata’s yakitori, even tastier and more enjoyable!
Butabara To The World!
Our restaurant is operated around this motto, to make Hakata’s yakitori even more enjoyable to eat all over the world.



1940Establishment of Niku no Yashima.
July 1983Opening of the Maebaru restaurant.
May 2000Opening of the Tenjin restaurant.
August 2004Opening of the Shoninbashi Toori restaurant.
December 2008Opening of the Roppongi restaurant.
December 2011Opening of the Roppongi Hills restaurant.
May 2014Opening of the Solaria Plaza restaurant.
December 2014Opening of the Taiwan restaurant.
September 2015Opening of the Butabara to the World restaurant.
December 2015Opening of the Taiwan Tenjin-Style restaurant.
December 2015Opening of the Bangkok Isetan restaurant.
April 2016Opening of the JRJP Hakata Building restaurant.
January 2017Opening of the Hawaii Chinatown restaurant.
January 2017Renovation of the Maebaru restaurant.
April 2017Opening of the Bekkan restaurant.
August 2017The First Summer Vacation of Chefs from Paris
May 2018First Company Information Session for new graduates
June 2018Holding of the company’s First Menu Grand Prix
August 2018The Second Summer Vacation of Chefs from Paris
January 2019Changed the company’s name from Niku no Yashima to Hachibei Crew.
March 2019Holding of a seminar for brushing up our skills.
August 2019The Third Summer Vacation 2017 of Chefs from Paris
February 2020Seminar for job hunting.
August 2020Holding of the first Yakitori for Kids event.
October 2020‘Tsukanto Ebechi Ha’ collaboration event.
November 2020Holding of the second Yakitori for Kids event.
December 2020Opening of the Tsukanto Fukuoka restaurant.
June 2021Opening of the Yakitori Hachiebi Karaage Take-out restaurant.


Company Outline

Company Namehachibei crew
Established in1940
RepresentativeCEO Katsunori Yashima
Address3-20-5, Maebaru Chūō, Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture 〒819-1116
Head Office1-1-24, KEGO124 Terrace 5-A, Chūō Keigo, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture 〒810-0023
BusinessRestaurant management