Recruitment Information

English-speaking and Chinese-speaking persons are greatly welcome!

Let’s step into the world together!

At the time of the establishment, the owner Katsunori Yashima’s favorite phrase was:
“Want to board the ship from Maebaru to the world?”
He was inviting customers to become staff members just like that. (laugh)

And this has now become reality.

Stores in Los Angeles, New York and Taiwan have been opened and plans to open more overseas in the future are starting one after another.

Let’s challenge the world together with Katsunori Yashima at our lead! 

We are currently looking for Shop Managers, Chefs, Apprentice Chefs, Hall Staff (full-time and part-time), daytime Apprentice Support (part-time) at Maebaru, Tenjin, Shoninbashi, Roppongi and Motsunabe.

People coming from other types of industry, students and inexperienced persons are also greatly welcome! Everyone will help taking care of our staff members.

It is very easy to fit into the group and we hold plenty of parties together. It is completely different from the strict world of craftsmen. But first, please feel free to contact us.

Currently, foreign staff recruitment was only Roppongi in Tokyo.

To submit your application, call your desired branch (speak “about applying”), or fill the application form.

Recruitment Information

Type of Occupation ■ Regular employee, Hall Staff/Kitchen Staff/Shop Manager

■ Arubaito, Hall Staff/Kitchen Staff

■ Part-time, daytime Cooking Support

Tasks You will be asked to do some cooking and service.
Working Locations The place of work will be at our store.
Please confirm the details of the work location on the store list page.
Requirements ■ 18 years old and above, energetic person. Experience not required!

■ There is no age restrictions for daytime part-time. Housewives in their 50s or 60s are also welcome.

Working Hours ■ Regular (full-time)
Shift between 12:00 and 25:00 (street level stores)
Shift between 9:00 and 24:00 (inside shopping mall stores)
*Differ according to the store.

■ Arubaito
Between 12:00 and (next)1:00, 5-8 hours a day (negotiable), 2-5 days a week

■ Part-time
Between 9:00 and 17:00, 3-8 hours a day (negotiable), 2-5 days a week.

Salary Please refer to this page.
Other Treatments ■ Complete social insurance

■ Salary raises, two meals, plenty of parties

■ Promotion from arubaito to employee possible

■ Domestic, overseas company trip (Guam, Hokkaido, Okinawa, New York)

■ Ingredient research trips (domestic and overseas)

■ Store’s prosperity study tours (domestic and overseas)

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