A Word from the Manager

Katsunori Yashima, Niku no Yashima CEO

Led by the world, a new challenge

Hawaii has taught me everything… This is how I am currently feeling. And I have also actually experienced the restaurant industry in other places in the world, such as New York, Paris, Bangkok, Taipei, etc.

The first thing that struck me was that restaurants, chefs, and staff in other parts of the world are “the most respected”, something that is unimaginable in Japan.
What shocked me the most what their working style. They work and refresh themselves thoroughly. This is especially true in Hawaii where I tried the same working style as the locals, and was genuinely moved. From the bottom of my heart, I was enjoying myself! It was fun!

In Hawaii, it is common to go enjoy surfing before going to work. Inside shops, everyone is concentrated and work at the best of their abilities. And during holidays, they immerse themselves into the activities they want to do.

Working together in a Hawaiian style with the “Hachibei men”, I could see their growth and their sparkling figures. And with their hospitality, the best of “liveliness” was born. I looked at it, and felt it in my body – This is how I made the resolution to “make my company such that every person would have this kind of energy”.

But at the same time, Hachibei has become polished. We are keeping Hakata’s yakitori’s spirit and have an eye for good ingredients. As the heir of great techniques, and as the pioneer of innovation, I had the “confidence” we were able to become a form of entertainment through food in the world. But being in Hawaii made it clear to me, and changed that “confidence” into “conviction”.




Concerning the new challenge to take place in the world, we are still only at the starting line. If we count since the day my grandfather opened his meat shop, in 2020 our establishment will be 90 years old. And 10 years after that, it will join the circle of 100 years old businesses.

What Hachibei is currently aiming at is to become a world standard. We will make a company sparkling with staff from the whole world, with a yakitori restaurant that will be recognized in the whole world.
And to keep running towards this goal, we need YOU. I believe it is thanks to the desires and passion of everyone that we will be able to cut through this new world.


Katsunori Yashima, Niku no Yashima CEO