Hakata style “Yakitori” & Our Belief

About yakitori of Hakata

1. Hakata people associate Yakitori with pork belly.

It is eaten after dropping it into the vinegar dressing of the cabbage. People who come from Hakata to Tokyo are surprised to find that there are no pork belly skewers. They are astonished to realize that Tokyo Yakitori restaurants only serve chicken!

2. People from Hakata call “Yakitori”

anything that has been skewered and cooked over charcoal grill. Whether it be chicken, beef, pork, vegetables or seafood! Popular Yakitori skewers in Hakata are pork belly, beef outside skirt and pig feet.。

3.decisive factor

Generally yakitori restaurants in Hakata serve cabbage dressed with special vinegar and serve yakitori on it.


The original sauce was spliced ​​from 1983

Since Hachibei’s establishment in 1983, we have added our original sauce to new product lines. The secret to this exceptional flavor is to keep the yeast alive, and therefore we refrain from putting it over the fire. With no exaggeration, this sauce is the reason behind Hachibei’s success.

Binchotan, this is first-class charcoal.

Strain to grill. Sprayed out sake. Grill extremely high temperatures.

How to eat of Hakata style

Broiling With Salt.

You can eat salted Yakitori with special vinegar sauce. Dip the Yakitori in it! try Yuzu kosho on the table which is dried yuzu and green pepper mixed with salt.

Sauce for Grilled Meat.

Try Mustard. This is “Hakata style”.