Thank you very much for your patronage.
We “Yakitori no Hachibei” started business in July 1983 at Maebaru where about 40minutes away from Tenjin (center of Hakata).


Maebaru is in the western part of Fukuoka Prefecture. In the South, there is Shiraito district which is famous in a brand organic vegetable. In The North, Keya district has beautiful seaside sightseeing spots like Keyano Oto natural monument, Keya beach and Futamigaura which is selected as one of a hundred famous beaches and sunsets in Japan. Maebara is wonderful environments in both blessings of the sea and farm products.


At first, opening a restaurant started from a small place which has a counter and some parlor seat. Operation staff were me and my mother.


From the beginning, I have been a desire that it doesn’t want to be defeated at anyone in the pursuit mind of taste, ingredients, and better service.


My parents’ family originally managed a butcher. To study restaurant business I worked for butcher in daytime, from evening worked at Yakitori place, and after midnight at a stall in Tenjin or Nagahama I worked as part time worker. I was so busy that I had not enough sleep but I did not feel any pain, because I was so happy that I could learn from these experiences.


When I was a child, I really curious about business. I was interested in inside of store counter, instead of being a customer. I think I am natural bone business man.


Business is the happiest thing for me, because it makes customer happy, enjoy, and I can make money too.


I have been hoping to have “Heart-full business”. I never forget this hope in 20years.


I love this business. My restaurant is a sanctuary that nobody can makes any scratch. I do not compromise.


Our policy “Hitokushi nyukon” means that we cook yakitori one by one in sincerity. Once you taste our yakitori, you will feel what the “Hitokushi nyukon” is.


We look forward to serving you in the future.


Yakitori no Hachibei Katsunori Yashima