Report: “Cooking is Fun!” The Summer Vacation 2017 of Chefs from Paris


On Aug. 11, 2017, we hosted an event in collaboration with chefs related to Fukuoka or Kyushu, and who are currently working in Paris. They participated to the event at Hachibei Bekkan!


The name of the event was “The Summer Vacation 2017 of Chefs from Paris”.


The theme was “Cooking is Fun!”.


There were multiple reasons for hosting this event. We wanted to give more attention to Japanese cooks in the country, and give them the opportunity to taste the cuisine prepared by chefs who are active worldwide. We wanted the staff to feel and learn from those chefs’ passion towards cooking. And most of all, we wanted to make everyone feel that “cooking is fun”!

This was the first time we held this event, but we are working hard to make it happen again and again in the future.


Table of contents


Event Outline

In the first part of the event, families were able to enjoy the festival together with the chefs.



A stand-up buffet was prepared, and it included dishes such as:
– “Escargot butter butabara”, which is a re-arrangement of Hachibei’s butabara by Sola’s Chef Hiroki Yoshitake.
– “Foie gras okonomiyaki”, a collaboration dish between Okumusu’s Hiroko Tabuchi and the Restaurant Sola.
– “Sea urchin rice bowl and temaki sushi from Rishiri”, a collaboration dish between 仁 JIN’s Head Chef Takuya Watanabe and Bizan’s Head Chef Masayoshi Hanada.
– A collaboration shaved ice dish between the group of performers Kinniku Kakigori and a chocolate shop’s third generation Emiko Sano.



During the second part, guests were able to enjoy “wine pairing cuisine” born from a collaboration of chefs from Paris and Hachibei.



This time, the wine pairing cuisine was brought to you by Hachibei with the help of Sola’s Chef Hiroki Yoshitake, Sola’s Sous-chef Chinatsu Fujiki, 仁 JIN’s Head Chef Takuya Watanabe, Emiko Sano the third generation of the chocolate shop “Les Trois Chocolats Paris”, and Bizan’s Head Chef Masayoshi Hanada.

The course included 11 dishes, with 11 types of wines, Japanese sake, Japanese liquor, tea, and coffee.

The pairing of wine and alcohol was brought to you by Nagisa Teshima of Tasogare, a very famous wine bar in Hakata. The Japanese tea pairing was prepared by Suguru Tokubuchi of Yorozu, in Akasaka, Hakata.



※A part of the revenue was donated to support the reconstruction of the north part of Kyushu, damaged by heavy rain.
We humbly wish to express our concern to the victims of the disaster.


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