The Hawaiian Blessing Ceremony


After 15 years of hard work, we’ve finally made it.

We went to greet the Hawaiian God of Land.
“Please let us use this land for our business.”, we said.

A Kalehua (a person similar to a Priest) is a descendants of the Kamehameha household.
We were given a bowl made of wood, and inside we found sand from the sea of Hawaii. It was black sand.
This black sand was originally lava that was washed away in the sea, and become sand as time passed.

And then we were told: “We are now friends, and will be tied together forever”.


Aloha means to exist along with everyone. We also learned that “ha” means breath.
During the ceremony, we breathe with everyone. We share together the joy of this breathing.

The atmosphere really did changed after this blessing.

And thus, we were given the rights to do business in Hawaii Chinatown.

Then after five days, the tea leaves we used were washed away in the sea, and the ceremony was over.

I got the feeling that we’ve finally made our first step in Hawaii.
I’ve been talking with our partner Robert for 15 years. We’ve talked countless times about opening a restaurant in Hawaii. It didn’t go so well, and I gave up many times, and before I knew it, such a long time had already passed.


Yashima (left) and our business partner in Hawaii, Robert Yamazaki (right)

But the past is the past, and we are happy with the current situation.
Now I am feeling a bond with this Chinatown, with this very place.

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